What happens when a historical and politically relevant topic combusts with exceptional voices, talented musicians, film montage and powerful songs?  



 a brand new Canadian musical production,

inspired by the rising disparity between the rich and the rest.


The Occupy Movement

 Set out to bring visibility to the problem and work toward a fairer, more equitable world.

Addressing issues such as income inequality, social and political justice,

 environmental sustainability, and more,

Occupy invited all voices to become part of the discussion.

By occupying public spaces in cities around the world and practicing participatory democracy,

 the movement began conversations centered around a singular idea:

 a better world is possible



  • combusts this historical and politically relevant topic with talented voices, film montage and powerful songs

  • brings the movement to life, carrying the conversation, the debate and the passion forward into the future.

  • leaves audiences inspired, enriched and connected to deeply held values



·       the exceptional vocals of London's Denise Pelley, Sonja Gustafson, Alan Charlebois, Jordan Baldwin, Stephen Ingram, Leslie Carron and London's rapper Marcus Morris (known as Casper the Ghost)

·       some of this area's most talented classical and rock musicians, including cellist Christine Newland, bassist Steve Clark, Rob Larose, percussion

·       twenty original songs, ranging in familiar styles from rock, soul, rhythm and blues, Afro/Latin and rap, written by London's Nina Davis, Geoff Johnson and Dennis Siren, to a killer rock opera song written by Stratford's Gail Selkirk

·       a film montage to transport you into a tent city experience


The Occupy tents were removed from the parks six years ago, but the inequalities that led to Occupy persist into the present. Occupy was an important worldwide socio-political movement against social inequality, its main objective being - a better, fairer society. It spread quickly throughout Canada with 'tent cities' popping up in 35 Canadian cities and over 1000 cities worldwide. Experience the solidarity, commitment, frustrations, fervour, jubilation and improvisation this self-guiding Occupy 'tribe' felt while living in a tent city.


Music can express truths that words alone cannot convey 


Why does it take so long to change?