Nina Davis ~ Artistic Director, Composer, Writer, Co-arranger Narrator

Nina Davis has been writing music professionally for over 30 years for organizations, film, vocalists and TV. Strongly influenced by  a Canadian multicultural environment, the artistic realm gives voice to her lifelong commitment to peace, community development, social justice, and celebrating diversity. Early in her musical career she managed large, multifaceted projects such as Thank You - a song written by Nina for Transplant International that she recorded with over one hundred singers and musicians and Lanterns for Peace where she wrote and recorded music for international children's choirs. She co-wrote an instrumental album Windrose, released by BMG, has published works of prose and poetry, wrote and performed a musical play Still Loving, and filmed Diversity, Nature's Way of Celebrating. Nina is thrilled to  collaborate with many of London's best in the musical's first stage, Occupy Art in Song and Film.


Geoff Johnson ~ Music Director, Co-composer, Main Arranger, Keyboardist

Geoff Johnson, is a classically trained pianist, piano teacher, technician, composer, musical director and performer. He finds maximum artistic expression through improvisation on piano and runs jazz improvisation nights. His published works involve 2 CD's and part of the score of a native Canadian film CIRCLE OF NATIONS (2001). He attended Fanshawe MIA Program, has been in and composed for several bands, was a music director for Original Kids, was artistic director/stage manager of a yearly musician's festival Cornfest,  toured (to Ontario schools and libraries) The Synthesized Theatre and Electronic Mime Company, and has collaborated on many projects with composers and musicians. Geoff is thrilled to be joining Nina in Occupy Art in Song and Film, adding his multitude of talents and experience to this exciting project.