Wendy Saby, Photographic Artist/Graphic Designer

Graduating from the Audio Visual Media Program at Fanshawe College in London Canada, Wendy has exhibited her photographs since 1996.  Exhibiting in London, St. Thomas and surrounding area, a private collection of her work is in the following countries: Canada, United States, Europe, South America and India.

Saby Siren Productions is a multi-media company that since its inception in 2000, Wendy and Dennis have built a clientele of artists and small business owners. As artists, they have decided to offer their expertise and services to artists and small business owners to create affordable solutions for their multi-media needs.

Artist documentation has become a specialty of Wendy’s.  She takes pride in producing the best image possible for her clients.  To name a few --- sculptor, Don Bonham; abstract painter, Brian Saby; multi-discipline artist, Aidan Urquhart; sculptor, Walter Redinger.


Dennis Siren, Videographer/Singer/Songwriter

Saby Siren Productions was founded in the year 2000.  Our mandate is to document the ‘Art Scene’ in London Ontario.  We have produced extensive documentation of artists, musicians and poets.  To name a few --- Eric Atkinson, Tony Urquhart, Walter Redinger, Brian Saby, Eric Stach and Penn Kemp. 

In 2007 we documented ‘The Argentinean/Canadian Mural Project’. 

Involved with the plight of the vulnerable in our society, we have produced a number of documentaries ---  “Queering the Canon”; Symposium of Psychiatric Survivor Recovery, “Hope for a Change”; “Invisible Eyes on Homelessness”.

As active participants in Nuit Blanche, we have created an installation, a musical and a 6-hour ‘stream-of-consciousness’ musical piece performed at Museum London.

“The Rise of Urban Agriculture in London Ontario” was documented in 2014.  This venture produced a 1½-hour video.

Early in 2017, a documentary on Walter Redinger (sculptor) has been completed.

For the last decade, Saby Siren Productions has created videos for Penn Kemp’s poetry.  These videos have been entered into poetry film festivals in Scotland, Germany and Canada.